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How do I upgrade to a newer version of AlertDispatcher?

To upgrade to a newer version of AlertDispatcher, you may run the full setup program which will automatically detect and upgrade an existing AlertDispatcher installation. If you have previously registered more than a year, please ensure that you have renewed your support contract and you have your "Software Activation Code" as you will need to reactivate your license if you have doing a major upgrade, e.g. v2.x to v3.x.

To upgrade a mission critical installation, please refer to the following upgrade procedure that includes backing up existing files and the restore procedure:

Step 1: Preparation

1. Locate the original setup file you used to install AlertDispatcher - this is not compulsory but is necessary should you need to downgrade to the previous version after upgrading.

2. Download the latest setup program.

3. Ensure you have the "Software Activation Code" (found in the CDROM or sent to you by email after you purchased the license) and access to the email address used to activate the software. If you are unsure which email address is used, you may request for the registration key by email using AlertDispatcher Client -> Help/Registration -> Register Software. The key will be sent to email address recorded in the registration database.  Alternatively, you may activate using SMS.

4. Ensure that there is Internet access to access your email account and download the registration key for the new version - this is required for Internet activation and is not required for SMS activation.

Step 2 (Optional): Backup existing files (exe, configuration and database)

1. Backup the entire folder and contents of AlertDispatcher or SMSDispatcher, e.g. "c:\program files\alertdispatcher\" to "c:\program files\alertdispatcher-copy-12-6-2012\".

Step 3: Upgrade to new version

1. Run the setup program which you have just downloaded (there's no need to uninstall the existing software as the setup program will automatically detect and upgrade your existing installation).

2. Run AlertDispatcher Client - at this point, if you're performing a major version upgrade, e.g. from v2.x to v3.x, AlertDispatcher Client will prompt you to upgrade your license. To upgrade your license, go to AlertDispatcher Client -> Help/Registration -> Register Software.

3. After successfully applying the new license, restart AlertDispatcher services and check that the all SMS features you are using are working in the new version.

Step 4: Restore to previous version (this step should be used only if you need to restore to the previous version).

1. Uninstall AlertDispatcher (you can do that from the Windows start program menu).

2. Run original setup file you used to install the previous version of AlertDispatcher.

3. Stop all services starting with "AlertDispatcher" or "SMSDispatcher".

4. Restore the backup folder which you create at Step 2, part 1.

5. Run AlertDispatcher Client, if the client shows "evaluation" or "expired", you will need to obtain the registration key using AlertDispatcher Client -> Help/Registration -> Register Software.

6. Restart the previously stopped services.

Note: Running the setup program directly would not work if you are also trying to convert a client installation into a server installation at the same time. To change a client to a server installation, you'll need to uninstall the existing AlertDispatcher installation before installing the new version. Please remember to backup the alertdispatcher folder, configuration folder and alertdispatcher.db file before uninstalling.

For further assistance, contact your dealer.

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