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Article How to maintain the database and configure error reporting for AlertDispatcher?
AlertDispatcher is designed for easy maintenance and uses on self-reporting mechanism.  When activated, alerts (Email/SMS) are sent whenever...
Views: 3693
Article How do I register the license for my AlertDispatcher?
After you have purchased your license via Paypal, you'll be provided with a software activation code by email.  For orders with physical...
Views: 2980
Article How to purge unsent messages in the message queue?
You can purge unsent and pending messages from the message queue by clicking on the "Delete all pending messages" button.  Only pending...
Views: 2976
Article How to obtain support for AlertDispatcher?
To obtain support for AlertDispatcher, please copy, zip and email the following AlertDispatcher files and send to your AlertDispatcher vendor: 1)....
Views: 2480
Article How do I upgrade to a newer version of AlertDispatcher?
To upgrade to a newer version of AlertDispatcher, you may run the full setup program which will automatically detect and upgrade an existing...
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