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Find the latest AlertDispatcher installer, modem drivers and the full set of manuals in this download library


AlertDispatcher DLL API Guide
This guide contains integration examples for C#, VB.NET and Java. Code examples for PHP and other programming languages can also be provided.
Filesize: 352 kB

AlertDispatcher How-To Guide (For End Users/Administrators)
This is simplified guide for End Users and Administrators for managing an installed system. For installation purpose and details, please refer to the AlertDispatcher Quick Start Guide.
Filesize: 14.2 MB

AlertDispatcher IT Security Guide
This document shows you how you can secure your AlertDispatcher installation.
Filesize: 1.26 MB

AlertDispatcher Upgrade and Migration Guide
Users are advised to read the AlertDispatcher Upgrade and Migration Guide before making any attempt to upgrade or migrate an existing AlertDispatcher installation. This guide covers both version and license upgrades.
Filesize: 2.51 MB

AlertDispatcher v5.0 Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide for AlertDispatcher also serves as a User Guide.
Filesize: 18.8 MB


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