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New Features in AlertDispatcher v1.4.5b

v1.4.5b  29th October 2010

Messaging System Changes

- Setting to specify pending messages older than XX hours will not be sent.
- Priority/Date/Time Parameter for send SMS.
- Support SMS escalation - Message will be escalated if recipient does not acknowledge the message.
- Option to forward acknowledgement SMS and any comments to everyone in the escalation list.

Client/Management System Changes

- Define up to 10 levels of escalation for SMS sent to Addressbook recipients and groups individually.
- Software Activation via SMS.

Application Interface Changes

- Restrict access to SMTP/HTTP Server by IP address range.
- Forward Received SMS to Emails.
- Forward SMS received back to Email Sender.
- Send SQL result back to SMS sender.
- Issue HTTP GET request on received SMS and send HTTP response back to SMS sender.
- Upgrade send SQL result back to SMS sender to support stored procedures.
- Set Priority and SMS footer for Email-to-SMS users
- Automatically generate email status updates for Email-to-SMS users.

Friday, October 29, 2010

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