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ClickNDeploy is a leading developer of high-availablility (HA) industrial grade emergency messaging systems for mission critical operations. Our flagship AlertDispatcher SMS and Email Messaging Gateway product has been deployed in more than a thousand mission critical sites worldwide.

The majority of SMS/Email alert solutions in the market are developed for 1-way mass notification with no way of knowing whether the recipient has read the message or even if the messaging system is working in the first place. The SMS Gateway and Alert notification system and feature is often overlooked by system architects and only gets attention when it fails to work when a real disaster strikes. We've seen a case where a state-of-art data center management system using the latest technology monitoring tens of million dollars worth of physical asset failed to work just because a $120 GSM modem connected to the system was offline and no one even knew when it had stopped working.

AlertDispatcher is a no-frills, self-contained Windows application designed from ground up for application-aware high availability**, high message deliverability and maximum portability. For maximum portability and minimum dependency so as to minimize single points of failure, AlertDispatcher does not rely on Java, .NET, VC++ DLLs, IIS, SQL database or any web service (or the Internet) and works off-the-shelf on fresh installations of Windows workstation or server (physical or virtual machine).

**AlertDispatcher offers Application-Aware High Availability, High Message deliverability and Maximum Portability through multiple approaches:

1. High message deliverability by supporting up to 10 levels of Escalations (SMS/Email/Ring Phone) should the recipient fail to acknowledge.
2. Using Active/Active or Active/Passive HA failover clustering” (both physical servers/VM) to provide complete 1+1 redundancy with no single point of failure (Enterprise Edition only).
3. Proactively monitors and reports communication channel errors (signal quality, email/network access).
4. Automatic failover to and recovery from redundant communication channels (redundant modem pools, SMTP servers, and switches).
5. Internal watchdog that monitors and resets any failed or hung process.
6. 3rd party/interfacing applications, device and network monitoring using HTTP/PING and report failures/recovery.
7. And if all other measures fail, minimizes downtime with its simple installation and fast recovery procedures - if you can configure and operate MS Outlook, you can install, configure and test a 2-server AlertDispatcher HA cluster in under 4 hours even if you're doing it for the very first time.

AlertDispatcher readily integrates with email systems (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes), IT network monitoring systems, and building and facility management systems. ClickNDeploy also provide services for custom integration into legacy systems (SNMP, Modbus, OPC, TCP, etc).

[New Built-in Server and Network Monitoring Feature!]
AlertDispatcher now comes with built-in Server/Network Monitoring capability to monitor your servers and IoT network (up to 10,000 network devices). Alarm messages can go missing or delayed because of overloaded networks and unreliable switches. You can now use AlertDispatcher to monitor your applications and detect network issues before a crisis happens.

AlertDispatcher SMS and Email Messaging Gateway integrates seamlessly with the following systems:

1. IT systems: MS Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, HP OpenView
2. BAS/BMS: Andover Continuum, Azbil savic-net FX, Schneider Electric StruxureWare Building Operation (SBO)/EcoStruxure Building Operation (EBO), Siemens Apogee Insight/Desigo CC, Trane Tracer ES/Tracer SC/Tracer Summit, Azbil savic-net FX/G5, Carrier i-Vu
3. EMS: Schneider Electric StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
4. SCADA: Schneider Electric StruxureWare Power SCADA Expert (PSE), ABB System 800xA
3. DCIM: Schneider Electric StruxureWare Data Center Operation (DCO), Data Center Expert (DCE)

Emergency situations and outages in critical infrastructure such as data centers do occur. Our company mission is to give infrastructure managers a peace of mind and confidence that their engineers will do their job by providing the most reliable monitoring and notification solution at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Explosion at The Planet Causes Major Outage
Fire at SingTel building disrupts telco, ATM services
M1 fined record S$1.5m for service disruption in January

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Latest Announcements

17/03/2018 - New Features in AlertDispatcher v6.0
v6.0.0 17th March 2018 Messaging System Changes - Enhanced compatibility for USB and IP Connected 3G+ modems. - Removed escalation acknowledgement link from emails. - New Send Message Filter "SendHTTPRequest.dll" to execute HTTP GET to URL.** - Added ability to replace keyword in message...

17/03/2018 - AlertDispatcher v6.0 Release Announcement
We are pleased to announce the release of the final build 649 of AlertDispatcher Version 6.0  (SMS/Email Escalation). Version 6.0 has been in the works for sometime, and if you're using an early build of AlertDispatcher v6.0, you may download the installer again as the latest build 649 may...

07/09/2015 - AlertDispatcher v5.0 Release Announcement
We are pleased to announce the release of AlertDispatcher Version 5.0 (SMS/Email Escalation). Key highlights: 1. Support for sending SMS through 3G+ modems - 2-4 times faster than GSM modems. 2. Displays connected network type (GSM, EDGE, 3G, HSPA) and allows preset modem to 2G...


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