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New Features in AlertDispatcher v5.0

v5.0.0 7th September 2015

Messaging System Changes

- Support for sending SMS through 3G+ modems - 2-4 times faster than GSM modems.
- Set modem to use 2G or 3G network or both (auto select)".
- New Send Message Filter "SendByKeyword.dll" to redirect messages to specific groups of recipients based on message keyword**.
- Option to restrict recipients to addressbook groups and recipients.

Enhancements to Basic Escalation* and Emergency Recall Notification*** feature:
a. Users can now acknowledge escalation messages by replying to email (in only 2 seconds - click reply and send!).
b. Option to allow recipients to acknowledge multiple escalation messages all in one go.
c. Option to omit timestamp header for Emergency Recall messages.

- Fixed bug on sending email with attachment file names that contain space(s).
- Fixed bug on sending SMS when all modems fail at the same time.
- Fixed bug introduced in Version 4 that causes slower SMS sending.

Client/Management System Changes

- Reshuffle of tabs - "System Alerts/Email Setup" is now under "System Setup" tab. "SMTP Server Setup", "HTTP Server Setup" and "SNMP Trap Receiver Setup" are now under a new tab "Servers Setup (SMTP/HTTP/SNMP)".
- Display Mobile Network Operator name and Wireless Network type (GSM, EDGE, 3G, HSPA) for GSM/3G modems.
- Set sender display name for system alert emails.
- Dropdown toggle to show signal strength for other modems on Client.
- Fixed Client timeout bug when loading large number of messages.
- Fixed delay bug when acknowledging escalation messages on Client itself.
- Fixed database and log backup housekeeping bug.
- Improved memory management/Faster loading of messages on Client.

- Enhancements to Emergency Recall feature***:
a. Allow user to acknowledge Emergency Recall messages from PC client.
b. Save a copy of Emergency Recall final reports in HTML format to \recall-report folder for audit purpose.

- Enhancements to installer for fresh installations:
a. Automatically enable debug logging if C: drive has more than 20GB of free space.
b. After installation, launch wizard to setup system alert recipients and enable daily heartbeat messages.

Application Interface Changes

- New message parameters for SNMP Trap Receiver - SNMP Version "{SNMPVersion}" for trap received and the values of variable bindings by name, e.g. "{[AlarmPoint]}".
- New email interface method using POP3 client (AlertDispatcher will query mailbox using POP3) - this is in addition to the existing SMTP Server interface.

High Availability Changes***

Active Master/Passive Slave HA Failover Operation Mode (new addition to the existing Active Master/Active Slave mode) - messages can be sent to both servers but will be ignored on Passive Slave server until failover.
Simpler setup for HA cluster.
- Display HA status (standby/failover) on Client console.

Server Monitoring (New!)#

- Monitor multiple network devices/servers using PING and HTTP (Services).
- Set response timeout, check count failures (alert on exceeding count) and alert recipients for each service monitored.
- Set 1st and 2nd level escalation recipients if service remains down for a specific period of time.
- Parse response keyword for HTTP monitoring type.

*** For RecallLeader/Enterprise licenses only.
** For Corporate license and above only.
* For Plus license and above only.
" For selected modem models only.

# Server Monitoring is available as an addon license (without which users are limited to monitoring one service).

For more information, please contact us here.

Click here to download upgrade.


Displays connect network type and mobile operator.

Configuration to use 2G or 3G network or both (auto select).

Configuration to allow users to acknowledge multiple escalation messages (Basic Escalation/Emergency Recall) at one go.

Wizard launched after installation to setup system alert recipients and enable daily heartbeat messages.

Configuration for POP3 client interface (AlertDispatcher will query mailbox using POP3) (new!)

New HA Failover Operation Mode configuration

Server Monitoring Setup (New!)

Monday, September 7, 2015

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